With Duo Kerlek and Inadanian band or:


Solo projects


Taishogoto - unique Japanese instument

By mysterious rocks in Argimusco, Sicily

Basking in Catania, Sicily



”Korona jazz” clip

”Zvíře jménem já” song


In Austrian tunnel 1

Tunnel 2

Tunnel 3

Cave Eldera in Italy

Eldera cave entrance

The cacophony of light, Sicily

Ambient and overtone vocals

The church of St. Mary Magdalene in south Czech

Lava church in Randazo, Sicily

Sacred tombs and chambera in Pantalica

Caves of Pantalica

St.Nicola church, Mont Albano Elicona

Klytaimnestra tomb in Mikines, Greece



“Song for Harry”

Jew’s harp

With Duo Kerlek in Sophia, Bulgaria

Small Orthodox chapel in Greece


Cosa Nostra - Czech undreground in Sicily (drums/bass/vocal)