My name is Ondřej Matouš Te OneOne Nur Iman Čang Ngó (Kano狩野, Ranjinguia) Landa.

It is not a joke. I do carry all these names depending on the part of the world I find myself. I was given these names from culture and spiritual authorities I have had the chance to meet and stay with on my visits to different parts of the world.

Ondřej is my original Czech name.
Matouš is my Christian name given by the Catholic Church.
Te OneOne is my Maori name, which was given to me by Wairere Tame Iti, the spiritual leader of the Tuhoe tribe. The name represents Earth/Soil or, in other words, the One who is close to Papatuanuku Earth mother.
Nur Iman is the name I was given by Malaysian Muslims, and it represents the Light of Faith.
The name of Čang Ngó, which means True Enlightenment and The One who have come to realize the true essence of everything, was given to me by venerable Thich Tam Hanh, the abbot of Zen Buddhist monastery Bach Má in Central Vietnam.
Kano(狩野) means The One who hunts in the fields, and it is my Japanese ex-wife's surname, which I took to my own surname at marriage. After our divorce, I naturally stopped using this name, which, however, still appears in some of my previous works.
Ranjinguia is a name which native Colombian Kogi mamos (priests-shamans) used to call me. This name has no deep meaning and is rather a friendly nickname.

Landa is my family name, and it should be noted that there is no family relation with the famous Czech singer Daniel Landa as some might think.